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Ondas de Sanción Prajnica


Cada Chakra, órgano, hueso y tejido en tu cuerpo tienen su propia y particular frecuencia que componen tu vibración personal. Como cada célula es un resonador de sonido, también tiene la capacidad de responder a cualquier vibración fuera del cuerpo. Tanto los chakras como nuestros pensamientos, sentimientos y estados de conciencia, responden a las vibraciones.

Este no es un CD de musica! 

Es mas bien una SANACIÓN CUÁNTICA, una herramienta sonora para canalizar la energía durante el proceso de repotenciacion, sanación y limpieza de sus Chacras, un proceso de “ REARMONIZACION "

Prajnic Healing Waves


Sound healing is an ancient healing tradition, which has existed for centuries in different forms and in many cultures. It has only recent been rediscovered with the help of new technology, but many of these techniques are taken from very old tribal healing rituals. Pranic Healing Waves is a new approach in the sound healing modality. It operates on a wide spectrum of physical, emotional and spiritual problems, using state of the art equipment such as digital and analog synthesizers, plug-ins and effects created to help you in the process of reharmonizing your entire Chakral System. It is a tool to channel through the process of cleansing and energizing your charkas with sound frequencies.


This CD was created by Felix, a certified Pranic Healer by the Pranic Healing Home in Chennai, India. While traveling to India, Thailand and Nepal he learned several Meditation and Healing techniques. He is also a musician that has created a number of albums in the Ambient Electronic Music genre. With this project he has managed to bring together these two aspects of his life, merging them into a powerful tool that he can now share.

Buddhist Chanting



Evening Chanting are the most regularly practiced prayers, because they are an essential part of the preparation for Meditation.This CD contains a recording of the Basic Evening Chantings according to the Thai Therevada tradition. 


The practice of Prayer Chanting is a powerful form of Meditation, and Contemplation of the Dhamma. The daily practice can clear the subconscious mind from any Karmic Residue allowing further advancement in Meditation and spiritual practice.



This Chanting was recorded at the Temple Wat Sri Boen Ruang, Fang. Thailand.

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