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Meditation is simply a willingness to witness, an invitation to know yourself honestly and sincerely.


Meditation is an invitation to watch yourself - your mind, your emotions, your body and environment - without reacting to what you observe. Sitting in silent meditation is an opportunity for you to demand nothing of yourself except attention to the moment; an opportunity to rejuvenate and heal.


Mindfulness is an invitation to observe your thought and behavior patterns and to live in the present moment.


This practice of observation allows for the opportunity to make decisions that create shifts in life and support a more harmonious existence with yourself and others. 


Felix regularly leads workshop-style, group, and individual sessions on meditation and mindfulness.


He has a unique ability to convey deep teachings in a simple practical way. This empowers you to begin practicing and creating positive change in your life immediately. To schedule a workshop, group, or individual session, contact us.


Types of Meditation: Vipassana, Anapanasati, and Metta Bhavana.

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